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Is Chiropractic For Everyone?

Is Chiropractic For Everyone?

Are you a self described “non-athlete?” Do you subscribe to the myth that chiropractic is only for athletes or those who have just had some kind of neck or back injury? Have you ever wondered, “Who is chiropractic for?” If so, we’ve got great news: chiropractic is for you.

Here is just a partial list of those who can benefit from seeing a chiropractor in Brookfield:

  • Factory and construction workers
  • Busy moms
  • Office workers
  • Elderly individual
  • Children struggling with obesity

Factory and construction workers can benefit from seeing a sports chiropractor for mobility and injury prevention for repetitive-use injuries. Chiropractors can help office workers find ways to stay active and help keep them moving well, despite sitting all day. Busy moms can take time to focus on their own health and keep picking up, carrying, and playing with their kids pain free with chiropractic care. Do you have a child who is struggling with their weight and has never been involved in sports? A sports chiropractor can help develop an exercise program to get them active in a way that they enjoy.

Move Often, Stay Healthy

Being healthy is more than just not being sick. Regular exercise, eating the right things and having strong muscles and bones are essential for having a healthy body. Being active helps not only those things, but your heart, lungs, and brain as well.

Being healthy is more than just weight loss, it’s being able to do the things that you love. Many people can be limited on what they can do based on injuries, illnesses, or conditions. A chiropractor can help to educate you on your specific situation and develop an individualized program that is made to help you meet your goals. Remember, this is about you being your best.

What our chiropractic patients say:

“Dr. Shiels listens well to your concerns and uses a wide variety of techniques to help manage pain, even for someone who isn‘t incredibly athletic. He’s also great at showing you exercises to keep doing at home to make progress between appointments and is very clear at discussing how long treatment is likely to take. It’s like having a chiropractor and physical therapist in one!” – Angela R.

“He accurately assesses my needs and makes the necessary adjustments in the minimum amount of appointments. The staff is very family-friendly and I never stress about bringing my children along to my adjustments (my five-year-old son has been adjusted by Dr. Shiels too!)” – Andrea J.

“I wasn’t a believer in chiropractors until seeing Dr. Shiels. I have had limited range of motion in my shoulder for 2 years after an injury. I also had pain in my shoulder. After only 4 visits the range of motion is back in my shoulder! I also have no pain!! It is so great to say that. If you are looking for a great, professional, and friendly chiropractor, then I would definitely recommend Elite Sport & Spine!” – Brianne H.

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