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Chronic Neck Pain Treatments

A man with a sore neck helped by our Brookfield Chiropractor

Chronic neck pain is a common and often disabling condition for many adults, especially among office workers and older adults. Many research studies have been done on treating neck pain using various medications, physical therapy treatments and chiropractic manipulation, however, two significant studies published recently highlight the benefits of chiropractic care compared to medication and physical therapy alone.

Chiropractic for Chronic Neck Pain

A study recently published in the November 2016 issue of The Spine Journal found that spinal manipulative therapy (chiropractic care) plus home exercise resulted in better outcomes and lower total costs for those with chronic neck pain compared with supervised exercise therapy and home exercise or with home exercise alone.

This comes as no surprise to us or many of our chiropractic patients who have gotten rid of their neck pain and now understand how to manage and prevent future pain with our combined chiropractic treatments and home exercise prescriptions. You do not need to suffer or “put up with it.” We can help and guide you to managing and controlling your pain!

Doctor applying treatment to patient for neck pain

Chiropractic for Acute Neck Pain

We hear this same course of events over and over from patients with neck pain who come to see us for chiropractic care after not getting relief from the medication. If you visit your primary care physician or an urgent care, you will likely leave with a prescription for a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication and a muscle relaxant, along with advice to go home and rest and come back if it is not any better in two weeks. There are better options than medication, not only in terms of pain relief, but also in helping to treat the underlying cause of the pain so that you do not continue to experience the same neck pain in the future.

The research on acute neck pain, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, supports chiropractic care and exercise, instead of medications, for neck pain in both the short term and long term! The results of this study were quite amazing. Individuals in the chiropractic and exercise groups more than twice as likely to be pain free compared to those in the medication group!

If you’re experiencing neck pain, we want to help you get out of pain and back to the activities you enjoy! We also want to show you the best exercises to stay pain free.

Chiropractic Testimonials for Neck Pain

“I came in for some neck stiffness, and Dr. Shiels listened carefully to what my complaint was. He explained everything he did to treat it in a way that was simple to understand. He took the time to show me stretches I could do on my own at home to prevent it from happening again.” – Kate D.

“Dr. Zach almost cured my neck pain and headaches in my first visit. New techniques and easy things to do at home so that you do not have to keep on coming back. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Zach!” – Robert F.

“My 13 year old son hurt his neck at wrestling practice. Dr Shiels took his time with us and explained everything patiently and thoroughly. We were given exercises and stretches to correct the problem in addition to his hands-on healing. The next DAY my son told me he wrestled pain free!” – Jane K.