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Patient Testimonials

What Our Chiropractic Patients Said About Us

“Elite combines chiropractic care with physical therapy exercises to strengthen your body and allow it to heal. Dr. Zach is personable, professional and knowledgeable. I have experienced a great deal of relief since starting treatment. I highly recommend Elite Sport and Spine to anyone who is in pain and wants to live a more fulfilling life!” – L.F.

Dr. Shiels is excellent! He helped me with an old shoulder injury and got me swimming again. He helped me when I was having knee problems. He has treated me with a recent neck problem. He does a wonderful job and I highly recommend him. I like that he has flexible hours and that he sends me a text reminder about my appointment!” – Gwen T.

Dr. Shiels is one of the most kind, thorough, and detail-oriented specialists I have seen. He listened attentively to my concerns, and I did not once feel like I was being hurried out of the office. Furthermore, he strived to provide a custom-fit, long-term remedy. He evaluated my current muscular function, provided treatment, and gave me instructions for targeted, simple exercises to perform at home. I left relieved and nearly free of discomfort. I have been getting better ever since!” – Sara L.

My 13 year old son hurt his neck at wrestling practice. Dr. Shiels took his time with us and explained everything patiently and thoroughly. We were given exercises and stretches to correct the problem in addition to his hands-on healing. The next DAY my son told me he wrestled pain free! I am so happy to have found Dr. Shiels! He will be our first call for anyone in our family who needs a chiropractor. He looks at the whole picture and wants to really heal the person.” – Jane K.

“Dr. Shiels demonstrates excellent listening skills and a gentle touch every time I visit the clinic. He accurately assesses my needs and makes the necessary adjustments in the minimum amount of appointments (no dragging out treatment to make a buck like other chiropractors I’ve visited). The staff is very family-friendly and I never stress about bringing my children along to my adjustments (my five-year-old son has been adjusted by Dr. Shiels too!)”Andi J.

I have never seen a chiropractor before. Honestly I’ve always been a bit skeptical. I am so glad I decided to try Dr. Shiels. I’m so impressed with the results just from one visit! I can’t wait to see what happens after a few more visits! I would recommend him to anyone. I have multiple issues with my back, hip, and legs, and he was able to address all of them. He took plenty of time to explain everything, what was wrong and how to fix it.” – Tes S.

I went to see Zach about my back and knee. He worked on my areas and gave me some recommendations. So far so good. As a CrossFitter, I will continue to see him for maintenance.“– Brian S.

I drive for 45 minutes one way to see Dr. Shiels and it is totally worth it. I’ve been running with pain for 2 years and finally found someone who is very knowledgeable with running injuries. I am beginning to feel relief and had my first pain-free run in years! I highly recommend him and am grateful to have finally found someone who hasn’t told me to stop running!!!!!!!” – Karen S.

“No quick adjustments and done here! Dr. Shiels listens well to your concerns and uses a wide variety of techniques to help manage pain, even for someone who isn’t incredibly athletic. He’s also great at showing you exercises to keep doing at home to make progress between appointments and is very clear at discussing how long treatment is likely to take. It’s like having a chiropractor and physical therapist in one!” – Angela R.

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shiels. I came to him with a running/knee injury. No one else could help identify the problem, let alone give me relief from the pain. He diagnosed the problem during the free initial appointment, and after only 3 appointments I was back running! Dr. Shiels was thorough and professional. After I was healed and back running without pain, there was no pressure for additional appointments. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Shiels to anyone who would benefit from chiropractic/injury care.” – Michelle W.

“Dr. Shiels was able to help correct a nagging piriformis syndrome get me back to high volume running!” Nicole G.

“Dr. Shiels offered a comprehensive treatment plan that helped get me back on the roads. I have been a competitive distance runner for years and when injuries lead to unplanned breaks, it is very frustrating. Given Dr. Shiels’s background as a competitive athlete himself, he knows the demanding nature of the training required to be successful and approaches his treatment with that in mind. After having some lingering pains in my lower legs and back, Dr. Shiels lent his expertise in his treatment of the injuries and was able to give me. I previously would not have thought that chiropractic medicine would be of much use for the pain I was having, but am happy to know that the treatments Dr. Shiels provided have helped immensely. I am back on the roads again in large part due to his efforts and would recommend his work to anyone who is frustrated with lingering injuries or pain and wants to get back to an active lifestyle.” – Cameron A.

“I wasn’t a believer in chiropractors until seeing Dr. Shiels. After only 4 visits the range of motion is back in my shoulder!” – Brianne H.

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