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Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries in Brookfield, WI

Graston Technique®

Graston Technique® is an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization method that is used by chiropractors and sports injury specialists to break up scar tissue and mobilize soft tissue restrictions.

Soft tissue or fascia consists of the layers of connective tissue that surrounds and separates the various muscles and organs of the body. You can think of fascia as the white fuzz inside an orange that serves to separate the peel from the fruit and the fruit slices from each other. The fascia in our bodies separates our skin from the muscles, and our muscles and organs from each other. It also surrounds the nerves and blood vessels that run through our muscles and organs.

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Active Myofascial Release

Dr. Shiels has training in many soft tissue release techniques including trigger point release and Active Release Technique®. Our myofascial release protocols combine deep massage with stretching to provide exceptional relief from muscle pain. The practitioner applies tension to a muscle as he moves it through a range of motion from a shortened to an elongated position. Myofascial release is used to break up adhesions and restore proper function to muscles.

Dr. Shiels has extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of running related injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome, hamstring strains, piriformis syndrome, and shin splints among many others.

More information on myofascial release and Active Release Technique (ART) can found from and!

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping had gained wide recognition among athletes and medical professionals alike for the treatment of injuries and improvement of sports performance. We offer RockTape and KinesioTex taping strategies at our clinic.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our soft tissue and rehabilitation protocols, combined with our manipulation techniques, offer the same treatments professional and Olympic athletes seek to recover quickly and prevent future injuries.

Functional Exercises

With our simple, effective exercises patients can help themselves reach goals much faster. These exercises serve to strengthen and stabilize parts of your body being affected by various issues.

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